Orchestral Dramatic: Medium Energy

Extricate: Solitary, disconnected melody. Stark, minimal piano, cello and oboe. Length 1:06 BPM 120

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Ashes: Spacial pads and drones with an ethereal voice that sets the stage. Length 1:48 BPM N/A

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The Sultan: A drone base with a hint of Middle Eastern flavor. Length 1:11 BPM 100

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Valdez: Organic flutes and tribal drums. The calm waters of the Valdez cove and the spirit of the Alaskan wilderness. Length 2:35 BPM 067

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5 Stones: Pulsing cellos with subtle punctuation. Flowing brass melody with a feeling of purpose and will. A more traditional sonic arrangement. Length 5:31 BPM 144

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Aces: Ethereal open gives way to persistent cello pulsations and piano arpeggios that morph into layers of sound. Elegant yet serious and determined. CGM (computer generated music). Length 5:06 BPM 106

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Towering Decay: Massive chordal crescendos give way to a solitary pulse that builds and builds to a thundering climax. Length 2:47 BPM 086

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FO Battle: Cadenced pizzicato strings with intent melody building up to understated resolve and determination. Length 1:51 BPM 096

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Morning After: Tribal drum cadence with smooth, sustaining high strings. Length 1:30 BPM 130

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Politicoercion: A menacing, relentless cello pattern with flowing, melodic woodwinds which eventually descends into a into a resolved, rich, brass chordal conclusion. Length 1:52 BPM 178

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Surveillance: Pulsing pizzicato string and cellos with percussive accents. Stays intent without getting large. Length 1:09 BPM 145

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Surveillance Reprise: Starting with rhythmic pizzicato violins continuing on through the cinematic pacing with powerful but understated, insistent rhythmic motion. Never too big but powerful and pulsing. Length 4:30 BPM 145

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Plotting: Mystical undertones give way to a punctuating synth base pulse while cello arpeggios build tension that disappears as soon as it reaches it’s peak. Length 1:38 BPM 079

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