Orchestral Ambient Abstract

Give Thanks Act 2: Monotone vocal/string drones with occasional atonal injections. Slowly evolving with sonic transparency. Length 2:40 BPM 075

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Dust to Dust: Atonal strings droning through detached horn phrases. Peaceable yet disquieting. Length 2:08 BPM 070

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Subterrainial: Squishy synths pulsing while industrial ambience drones in the background. Intermittent impacts punctuate this dark, mechanical track. Some fertile ground for SFX at about 2:02. Mostly subtle, ambient chaos until the end climax. Length 10:20 BPM 192

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Left Running: Cello, clarinet and piano in a surreal environment with a pulsing common denominator pushing through the atonal phrases. Length 2:38 BPM 079

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Aeolus: Droning harp and strings with overtones of bowed crystal. Good for anticipation or slowly evolving visuals. Length 1:57 BPM 080

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