Why “All Things Music”?

So, you want to learn more about music but don’t know where to start?

All Things Music is about exploring music on your own terms, helping you understand music the way you want to, and showing you the tools to make music a bigger part of your life.

Maybe you’d like to learn how to play an instrument, or you already know how, but want to learn some of your favorite songs either by sheet music or ear…or even try writing some songs yourself. Maybe you want to learn how to make music on your computer, make it sound great and release it on Spotify, YouTube, TikToc, or Facebook and chart your own path in the music industry.

All Things Music can help you get there.

All Things Music also offers workshop classes that inspire group discussion, participation, collaboration and musical explorations, all modeled after classes Dave taught as adjunct professor at Spokane Falls Community College. So whether you want to learn one on one, or engage in the synergy of others who have the same interests, your first consultation is free, so let’s find out what and how you want learn.

  • Piano
  • Bass
  • Synth Programming
  • Drum/Sequencer Programming
  • Audio Engineering
  • Signal Processing
  • Production Skill Training
  • Song Writing
  • Composition
  • Ear Training (learning by ear)
  • Music Publishing
  • Digital Distribution
  • Music Marketing
  • Music Licensing
  • Publishing


I started piano at the age of 4. My parents’ landlord was a piano teacher and lived next door. She was a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in the UK.

At the age of 12, I wrote my first song using one of my sister’s poems for lyrics. The first paying studio session as a writer was at Calico Studios at the age of 14, writing the music for a stereo dealership. Joined my first band at 15 then went to Northern Montana College after high school where two fantastic teachers expanded my influences including Charles Ives, George Crumb and John Cage (to level the Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms playing field).

I worked at Hoffman Music for 14 years before taking the leap to become a full-time composer. A great client (and friend) signed me as one of five contract composers for the NBC Television Network in Burbank which progressed into writing for the other “Big 4” networks. In 2004, I was offered the opportunity to compose and score the main open theme for the rebranded PBS News Hour. That score ran for 12 years. I continue to write and produce for film and television to this day.

Besides working with great talent, teaching Spokane Falls Community College’s digital music and audio classes in the 1990’s and more recently, their business of music class, teaching has been one of the things I enjoy most.

In the end, it’s great teachers that helped me, teachers that were in tune with, not only what I needed to learn, but what I wanted to learn.

I hope to bring this approach to “All Things Music” and help you in making music, sound, and creativity in general, a more integral part of your life.


OneEdify and All Things Music

Edify Music Workshop Classes: Music Appreciation

You know what you like, so let’s explore!

Music appreciation is about bringing the music you like to our class listening sessions. We’ll all share the music we love and get to know how it’s made, the sounds that make it sound great and how the words and music all fit together. You don’t need to know how to play an instrument to learn about music in this series of classes, but if this music appreciation class inspires you to want to, we can help you with that too!

Example of my teaching style

The context of this video is a Q and A session that I encourage after a lesson in class. Interactivity is everything in education and while this was based on questions sent in after viewing my class, it’s an example of what would be in real time with a functioning ZOOM session.